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content types, triggers and conditions

thought it might seem like a 'duh' question, i still don't quite get the possibilities in "content type" and "triggers and conditions".
01. api call, have no idea what that is. it launches an app, for example?
02. audio, pretty straightforward, right? mp3, wav are launched? requisites?
03. blog post, it posts in a blog, checked.
04. description. got it.
05. document. what kind are permitten? which ones aren't? how does this work? because i might confuse "email" with "document".
06. email. i confuse this with document.
07. facebook post. this is an easy one.
08. flickr image. same here.
09. flickr post. wasn't aware of posts on flickr, but again, no confussion here.
10. image. again, seems very straightforward.
11. inventory items. whaaat?
12. phone call. this is my main concern, how does this work? we call the user from the app using a recorded message? do we actually get to call?
13. physical object. the second biggest mystery. how does this work?
14. sms. easy.
15. tweet. easy.
16. video. easy.

ivan kireev

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Hi Ivan,
API Call --> it's for application-to-application messaging so if you don't have an external application (like the Hue lightbulb or Arduino) then you can forget about this

Audio --> MP3 only and used in Phone Calls or can be linked to in other content such as tweet etc. but primarily used in phone calls

Document --> usually PDF but it could be other document types like word or powerpoint. You can't directly publish this content but you can refer to it in other content and via Inventory

Inventory --> this can only be used with an external program like a website or mobile app. The external app uses our API to grab content from Conducttr. For an example, it's used extensively in this case study - it's used for Jessie's inbox and the Safe Deposit box. When players log into the website they access documents based on what they've done in the story. The documents are hosted in Conducttr and pulled to the website via our API

Physical objects --> these are only used in the Whiteboard at the moment. We use the Whiteboard to sketch the "user journey" and this may include physical objects like a flyer or a handbag or something else. Right now you can't do anything interactive with them.

Robert Pratten

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