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"Gate Keeper" Function/Work around?

Hello I am having trouble trying to create a photo scavenger hunt in Conducttr.

I would like to have teams send pictures of themselves in a specific location (possibly doing some task or pose) This would require me to manually verify by looking at the submitted picture that they accomplished the mission before they get their next clue.

Any thoughts on a simple way to add this function?

Thanks in advance

Mark Portwood Answered

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Hi Mark,
The easiest way is to use the Instagram trigger.
Give the players a tag for the game, say #photohunt and then create an Instagram trigger that fires on that tag.
You can then add to the character a "blog post" account but use your email instead. Now when the trigger fires you can send yourself an alert when a photo is uploaded to instagram with your tag.

You can also use this to award teams points etc but of course if it's important to review the photo first you'll have to add some additional logic.

All the photo URLs are given in the activity feed or else you can easily search Instagram for your tag

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