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Delaying a trigger chained on to something else

Hello again,

I've just worked up a solution for something and I'm hoping there's a cleaner way of doing it. We wanted to be able to send an SMS to an audience member prompting for a YES/NO reply then if we haven't received a reply after 30 seconds send them a reminder.

Is there a right way to do this? I'd assumed one would need to flag if they had replied or not, but then I needed the ability to chain a delayed trigger onto the beat that sent the SMS, and have that trigger do a check against the flag which indicated whether they've replied or not.

Is this somewhat the right direction?

The delayed trigger for sending the reminder was created (using a hack) by creating an outgoing API call which didn't do anything and setting a delay on that. A separate trigger was then created from that publish call and a condition added to it which checked the flag.

Any chance somebody could clarify is this is a completely crazy way to go about things? You can see the workaround I'm talking about in project 6275.


Chris Heywood

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Oh yeah there's a much better solution.
On the first trigger that asks for the Y/N reply, do this:
a. add to group "no reply"
b. send the initial question
c. send the delayed follow-up "we've not heard from you" which is personalised to only those in the "no reply" group

When someone replies to the question, remove from the "no reply" group

Now when the delay expires, only those who haven't replied get the message.

About the 30 second delay... it might not be long enough because of the way the cellphone network works. Conducttr will always send the messages 30 seconds apart but the cellphone network has inherent delays and you may find on rare occasions that they sometimes arrive together or less than 30 seconds apart

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Brilliant. I thought you'd have this solved, I'll look into groups.

Thanks for the heads up on the 30 seconds. We've found things to be working reliably with smaller granularity in with Twilio in Australia but I think you're right and that we should spread things out more.

Chris Heywood 0 votes